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Monday, 2 October 2017

Paul Okoye Spends Time with His Children.

Paul Okoye of Psquare took time off their social media squabbles to post something inspiring and lovely...a hardworking father spending some quality and well deserved time with his family.
No matter how busy you are as a parent, please find time to bond and share fun times with yourr children. Save yuorself the headache of trying to win their love back when they are young adults. You have the opportunity on a platter of gold now. God help us all to be responsible parents

Pregnant Funke Akindele craves Junk food.

Funke Akindele popularly known as Jenifa expressed her new found hunger in a series of ninstagram posts. The pregnant Funke showed a variety of junk food she was getting set to consume due to hunger pangs from pregnancy. Its okay to satisfy the hunger funke, but we would advise you eat more of vegetables and healthy meals. You don't want the baby competing with sumo wrestlers, do you? winks.

Julius Agwu Celebrates with Family on Independence Day

God has indeed been faithful to Julius Agwu and his family. He recently survived a relapse from the brain surgery he had a few years ago but God showed up. He took time to celebrate Nigeria's independence day with his family. Happy independence day from Helping the parents blog to all our readers too.

Friday, 5 February 2016


My day was going on has planned until my eldest son rushed into where i was and exclaimed that his younger brother had groundnut in his nostril!!! Oh my goodness! i thought and i rushed out to check my son's nostril but the groundnut was not in sight. I asked my son severally if he put the groundnut into his nose because i was hoping to get a no for an answer. I must say that he was rather calm for someone who had foreign stuff in his nostril.

After many affirmations, i decided to start various strategies in other to get the groundnut out. I closed the unaffected nostril with my finger and sucked air out from the nostril he claimed he put the groundnut. I also asked him to forcefully blow out his nose. All these i did until i got tired, worried and decided to go to the hospital.

So off we went to the hospital; the whole family because of my adventerous 6 year old son who decided to feed his nostril with groundnut instead of his mouth. The doctor checked him and saw the groundnut stuck in his nostril. He was asked to breath in deeply and forcefully breathe out continously. As the doctor was about to ring the ENT unit, the groundnut flew out of his nostril. Hooray!!! how relieved i was.

I later found out a simple procedure for dislodging items from the nostril.If you have a similar experience especcislly with a younger child; all you need to do is ,close the unaffected nostril, open your child's mouth and blow air forcefully into the mouth. The item in the nostril will fly out! Please only do this if item stuck in nostril is not a sharp object.


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Wife Finds Missing Husband Married To Another Woman After Nine Years

A married man who disappeared almost a decade ago has been discovered by his wife online living in the same state, and married to another woman. 

Karen Marx, 48, had been searching for her spouse, Adam, ever since he vanished without an explanation in 2005. But when she finally tracked him down on Facebook she was shocked to find he was living about 250km away in her home state of Wisconsin, and happily married to someone else.
“I just thought, ‘How could he get married again?’” Karen. “Am I dead? What did he do with my identity?”

Karen, who has three kids from a previous relationship, said Adam was married with two children of his own when she met him at a local carnival in the 1990s, where he worked as a ride operator.
But Adam agreed to divorce his first wife for Karen, who he married a year later. Adam quit his carnival job and moved in with his new wife, who supported the family on her machine operator wage. But after about a year, he vacated the family home leaving only a note.

“The first time he left me, it was like somebody reached into my chest and ripped my heart out of me,” Karen said. “He basically told me it was all my fault and he couldn’t handle my kids.”
However, he returned several months later — right when she was due to collect her Christmas bonus.
Karen took him back, and used her savings to buy the family a new home in Clinton, Montana. He found work at a timber framing company while she tried to start a cleaning business.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Pregnacy Questions And Answers That Will Get You Laughing

Celebrities And The "Child Outside Wedlock" Syndrome

Olamide and Son
Celebrities are supposed to be role models to the younger generation and examples of how young men and women should behave. However, this has continued to be evasive as celebrities are most caught up in acts like sexual abuse, drug abuse, child abuse and now "marriage abuse".

I have observed a pattern in the entertainment industry for a few years now. It is the fact that many male celebrities now prefer to have babies outside wedlock with their girlfriends rather than marry them first. Some eventually end up marrying the girlfriends(e.g Peter Okoye) which is one out of hundred. It just makes one wonder why human beings just decide to usurp a process laid down by God and turn it around to suit them. Even when it is clearly a sin and not how God planned it.

Dear celebrity, Here is an advise for you if you are reading this. Life is but for a short while, so is your fame. Make positive contribution to society. Add positive values to generation that will come after you. Be remembered for how you impacted positively, not how many bastards you made your proteges father. These proteges copy tour actions but cannot be responsible for children born from such irresponsible behaviour like you can.

Back to the gist jare. Below is a list of male celebrity who have chosen the path of having babies outside wedlock. The most recent addition to the list is Flavour who just impregnated is "Ada Ada".

And you need to see how this men and their girl friends flaunt the pregnancy on the web.#sodomandgomorahthings

Enjoy reading jare.

Seun Kuti
He had famously declared early in 2013, that he is not getting married anytime in the future because he would not embrace the thought of losing half his earnings. However, he likes being a father.
Afrobeat artist and son of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Seun Kuti and his partner Yetunde George Ademiluyi welcomed a daughter in December last year. The baby's name 'Ifafunmike' means "A child gotten from a deity".
In a recent interview, 31-year-old Seun talked about the exhilarating experience of fatherhood. "Training your first child is a life experience. It is a lesson in selfless service. You know, babies are strong but they are also quite dependent. You know you have to sacrifice your time, and now I am the one who sacrifices my time all night. "My partner works all day, I work all night. I am in the studio anyway, so I can stay awake all night. Well, it is interesting and my baby is quite peaceful," he stated.

Despite the fact that he happens to be one of the youngest and busiest fathers on the Nigerian music scene, Wizkid, whose real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, still has time to spare for his kid, Boluwatife. He is also the first son of Wizkid and his mum Shola Ogudugu. There is no sign that the rich lad will be getting married anytime soon though but Wizkid is enjoying his role of a father and often posts pictures of his son on his instagram page.

Continue to read about the king of them all a.k.a Tuface

Former Child Star Benita Okojie Getting Married Soon

In the 90s, Benita Okojie, at the tender age of 12, was a sensation as a gospel music child artiste.  Now 24, the multiple award-winner relives the experience of stardom and adulthood

Child   stars face a lot of pressures while growing up, did you experience such?

 I did but the winning factor for me was the close relationship I had with God and my family.  I did not shut my loved ones out of my life. They are the ones who can tell me the truth about anything, no matter how big it is. I have a good relationship with my parents and I talk to them about everything. My mother, especially, was a pillar of strength for me and I was able to tell her a lot of things and she helped me through all the changes. I am a very spiritual being and I pray a lot.

How did you handle the superstar treatment in school?

The early stages of the job were very harsh on me. I had friends who just had issues with my person, not necessarily because I did anything wrong but because they felt that I was going around with a larger than life image. I do not think that was the situation but because I am out there, everybody wants to judge me based on what they don’t even know.  I thank God for my parents and my siblings who helped and supported me all the way. I made very good friends also. Now, I am a graduate. I have friends who I hook up with once in a while and we hang out and attend functions together.
What has changed about your career now as an adult?
The difference is not so significant because I will always do indigenous songs. It is a language which I am able to express myself in. But I am going to do a lot of English songs as well because I know my fan base extends to people who do not understand Edo songs. There are some foreigners too. Recently, I checked our facebook page and saw a lot of foreigners posting comments there.

What lessons have you learnt as an adult?

I have learnt about growth. As a young lady, boys will seek one’s attention but one should learn to have a great relationship with guys while setting boundaries with them at the same time. Your parents should always be people you respect, no matter how big you are and how much money you make. You would always need parental love and support. Mine have been there for me all the time. Sometimes, when the youthful exuberance in me crops up, my parents would always make sure that I stay grounded. They always remind me of where I am coming from, where I am going and what I have done. That has kept me balanced. Guys would come and go but your parents would always be there.

What has been happening to your music career?

I am working on a couple of singles and a talk show but while I am still waiting for all of that, I am having as much fun as I can have.

What about marketing your songs?

I don’t think I can handle that but I have put friends and family members in place to assist me, they are also learning in the process. My sister is my personal assistant and my mother works with the board of my management and that helps a lot. It is easier to communicate with family. Whenever outsiders are brought in, they are made to understand that I am more of a family girl and we always like to do things together. This helps us to be focused. I don’t allow business to becloud what I do. Most importantly, I am a gospel artiste and my job is to win souls for Christ. If money comes, it will help facilitate what I do well but it should not be the basis for doing what I do.

Are you limiting yourself to gospel?

Little Girl 'Kidnapped' By Paternal Grandmother Has Been Found

Liya with he Maternal Grandmum and Tuface Idibia

The little girl who was taken from the UK and brought to Nigeria by her paternal grandmother (if you missed it, read here) without her mother's consent has been found. 


The little girl's mum, Temmy Moronke, who has been on a week-long online campaign to find her daughter, shared the news on Twitter today. Lily is pictured above with her maternal grandmother and 2face. See more tweets after the cut..

Mum Who Allowed Her Boyfried Kill Her Child Freed After Telling Her Story

In October 2012, 23yr old Victoria Phanhtarath and her then boyfriend Freddy Mendez were arrested over the beating death of Victoria's 3 year old daughter, Alexis Hawkins. Freddy was sentenced to life in prison for the murder, Victoria was sentenced to 35 years for failing to protect her child from an abusive man. Describing how Freddy beat Alexis to death, Victoria said;

"Freddy is still spanking Alexis and I go get my son. And I come back and he's sitting there. And he pushed her and he kicked her and threw her across the room, all the way to the window. He picked her up by the throat and slammed her on the floor. He's kicking her and hitting her on the chest. And he said get this little b**ch. Go take care of her."
When asked what she did to stop the vicious attack, Victoria said "I told him to calm down and go outside". Police was called to the home where little Alexis was found unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died. Two years after Victoria was convicted for the murder, a judge set her free after she told her own story.

Continue for more pictures and her story.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

TY Bello of "Land Is Green" Fame Delivers Twin Boys

Less than a week after blessing Nigerians with her 3rd studio album The Morning Song Book, TY Bello has put to bed in the United States of America.

EDP confirmed tonight that the singer-photographer had been in the US for several weeks while awaiting her EDD. Her twin boys have already been named Christian and Christopher A family source tells us her husband, Kashetu Bello and her mother are by her side.

Not known to be loud , TY Bello, who was one of the three young women who made up the popular group, KUSH along with Dapo Torimiro, secretly got married in 2005. Only close friends and family members were aware of her pregnancy and news of her delivery will be a surprise to many.

Continue to see pictures of the boys

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Grandmum allegedly 'kidnaps' little girl in the UK, Nigerian mum cries out

Hello HTP Blog readers, I am so sorry i have been off blogging for a few weeks while concentrating on some other areas of influencing family and parenthood. I miss blogging so much but there was just no time. I miss my readers and the feedback. Good news however is that I am back. 

What better way to kick off the return of juicy information on family, marriage and parenthood than a CRY FOR HELP from a young mother all alone in UK who has been treated callously by someone she trusted. Her Baby daddy's mama. News like these just make it hard to trust. Read and share. The child must be returned to her mother.

Moronke Temilola claims her daughter's paternal grand-mum (her baby daddy's mother) took her daughter from the UK to Nigeria yesterday without her consent and wants anyone who has seen either the woman or the child to reach out to her or report to the police.

My 2 year old daughter Liya was kidnapped on the 6th of October 2014 by her paternal grandmother and its been confirmed by the police that she has been taken to Nigeria. Annette Ehiemere , the paternal grandmother, who lives in Port Harcourt with her son(the paternal dad) Izuchukwu Ehiemere ,asked to come visit her granddaughter in April and since she had nowhere to stay I allowed her stay at mine so she can get to know her granddaughter and spend a little time with her, all these I did in good faith.

She spent 5 months and all these time I didn’t suspect she was making plans to kidnap my baby, I knew her birth certificate was lost but I just thought it was around somewhere in my room and I would find it, not knowing she had taken it. I resumed at university on the 6th and by the time I got back home, they were gone and after reporting to police it was confirmed that they had boarded a flight to Nigeria. She took my little sister as well and dropped her off at her sister’s in Hackney so I wouldn’t quickly suspect that was what was happening and made her drop my sister off the next day.

I had my baby Liya in 2012 and I have been the only one by her side, when I got pregnant and her dad didn’t want her, I told him I know choosing to have her is selfish but I really want to keep the baby and I would take responsibility for her. I have gone through hell taking care of my baby but it was joy to me, she is my motivation, everyone knows how much I struggled to make my baby happy. She isn’t familiar with anyone else, she has never travelled out of the country before talkless of travelling without me by her side. I didn’t even get to hug my daughter goodbye.

Continue to read more and see pictures of Temilola and her daughter.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

What Changed? (Value Tussle)

Today, i had an interesting encounter in a public transport system between an elderly woman who is 82 years old and a young man in his 30's.

The bus was full with space left for a person when an elderly woman proudly dressed in her native attire worked in to occupy the seat. As she was coming in, i was thinking someone ought to help her to her seat and also offer her a much more comfortable seat because the only seat left had no backrest. As if my mind was being read, the following transpired afterwards.

Mama:( speaking to the young man seating closest to her) can't you help me? you are just looking at me.(as she sits) you should have helped me.

(At this point people started to say that the young man even ought to give up his seat for her so that she can be more comfortable).

(Eventually young man gives up his seat for mama and she kept asking why he didn't assist while she was coming in)

Young man: Mama but i just stood up for you, what else do you want?

Mama: No o, you shouldn't have. Did i tell you that i can't seat where i supposed to. I am whole and strong, don't think because i am 82 years old i am not fit.

Young man: mama! what is it? what have i done wrong?

Mama:Don't give me that tone, you are an undisciplined man, is that how you are training your kids? you shouldn't talk like that. Are you not a Nigerian (in Yoruba) i have disciplined many people like you and i won't fail to continue as i come across people like you.

(At this point a few people asked the young man to apologies and keep quiet.)

Young man: (in Yoruba) you speak Yoruba, why didn't you speak Yoruba earlier? I'm sorry ma.

Mama: Why should i speak Yoruba to you when you are dressed foreign and will respond back in plenty grama. You  don't talk to elderly people like that, don't you have old people in your household or people in your family don't live long?

Friday, 4 July 2014

David and Victoria Beckham celebrate 15 years wedding anniversary

While one man just murdered his wife in cold blood, here is a woman celebrating the realness of her man. Marriage is not without its tough seasons but Victoria and David Beckham have shown that together as one, every couple can have a happy married life.

The couple are celebrating 15 years of marriage as the former Spice Girl thanked fans for their love and support. I just love to put up stories of successful marriages.

Smitten Victoria Beckham shared an unseen picture of her wedding day with David to celebrate their anniversary.In the loved-up snap, Victoria clutches on to hubby David who is wearing his infamous white suit.

Member Of 90s R&B Group Hi Five Stabs Wife To Death

A platinum-selling R&B star calmly walked into a Texas sheriff's office to tell deputies his wife was dead and that he needed a lawyer, it's emerged. Chart-topping '90s boy band member Russell Neal - who scored success with his group "Hi-Five" - reportedly entered a Harris County station at 6:10 p.m. Wednesday. He then informed officers that his wife's lifeless body could be found inside their west Houston apartment.Cops knocked down the door to the couple's home and found Catherine Martinez killed by multiple stab wounds.

The 24-year-old fitness model and aspiring boxer, who worked under the pseudonym Brasilia Martinez, was declared dead at the scene. Neal - whose group had a Number 1 smash hit with "I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)" in 1991 - was formally taken into custody. He told detectives that the pair had gotten into an argument - before refusing to answer any further questions. Neal, who is being held in lieu of a $100,000 bond, now faces a murder charges.

Rusell pictured extreme right in group photo of Hifive

Eye-witnesses to the arrest said that the suspect appeared "docile" during the entire encounter. "He wasn't resisting arrest or fighting with them, or saying anything," said Mary Alice Valencia, who works at a nearby bond office. "When they brought him out in handcuffs, he was just as calm as can be and they just put him in a police car," she added.

Neighbors of the couple, who are believed to have two young sons together, expressed their shock at the news. "The mom, she never said too much, but you can tell she loved her kids. She kept them clean, they looked good, kept nice," said a neighbour.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Opinion on Why Many Ladies Remain Single

All the single ladies...all the single ladies. I am not Beyonce getting you to groove on the dance floor or catching the bouquet at the wedding of your friends. But if only you will dance to the information you will read below, it will help your life in many ways. Please take your time to read and note which point pertains to you.

1. Many African ladies will end up singles for life because of media exposure- 
It is so disheartening how a lady will glue her eyes on a mobile phone from morning to night, only to raise it up to focus on television to watch another celebrity entertainment channel. Tell, what else will dominate this lady's mindset aside how to live a fake celebrity life being promoted on television channels?

2. Many African ladies now dislike cooking and home chores-
This is because they have been brainwashed by movies showcasing men playing the role of women in a family, and due to excessive exposure to modern media that promotes gender-equality in a destructive way that's aimed at destroying the unique African family setting that made our previous African marriages everlasting and envious to the westerns. Now, with this attitude, how do you expect a African man to desire to marry when he knows he is only buying more headache and trouble than helper for himself?

Reasons Not To Compare Your Kids With Others

There are so many reasons not to compare your child to others. Whether it's to a sibling or the child of a friend, subjecting your child to comparisons damages their self-esteem and makes them feel inadequate. Yet many parents feel it somehow reflects on their child or themselves if their child isn't as 'good' as others. Here are some important reasons not to compare your child to others …

One of the really important reasons not to compare your child to others is that it hits their self-esteem hard. How would you like to be constantly compared to others? Low self-esteem issues usually have their root in childhood, so don't make your child feel that they're inferior to others. You don't want them getting conceited, but nor do you want them feeling worthless.

Each child is an individual, and has their own talents and interests. Why does it matter if one child is musical and another isn't? The non-musical child may be good at sports or love reading. One thing is not better than another, and neither is one child better than another. Let them develop their own interests and abilities. They should not feel that they have to be more like a sibling or your friend's child.

How To Help A Child With Low Grade In School

Now most schools are rounding off their academic session and teachers are busy working on report cards. Your child’s report card may not meet your expectations. You know your child is capable of more, he/she may be intelligent but the grade doesn’t correspond with your perception of him/her. In this case, it’s tempting to blow a gasket, withhold privileges, and expect more from your child, especially when you know some of his/her peers who performed excellently.

Don’t take it too far, you need to be softer; more strategic approach may yield better results. First, you need to understand why your child’s report card isn’t studded with A’s. Then you can work out a plan with your child to get back on track. To do this, you need to talk to your child and your child’s teacher. And you might need to take a look at yourself, making sure you are setting realistic expectations.

Talk With Your Child
When things go wrong, the first person to talk with is your child because he/she is directly involved in the situation. You need to let him or her feel that you can trust his/her opinion about reasons for the poor grades. When you talk with your child about his/her report card, see if your child has a realistic view of the situation. For example, your child may think he/she occasionally fails to turn in a homework assignment. But his teacher’s grade book might reveal a consistent pattern of neglecting his work. Your child may also feel that s/he needs assistance with home work and reinforcement of what was taught at school.

Also, your child may think that s/he understands Mathematics because she has always been strong in that subject. But as Maths becomes increasingly abstract, some kids struggle. Your teacher can help you and your child face reality if necessary.

Often, lower-than-expected grades reflect a more challenging curriculum. Science can get difficult for some kids when memorization and lab work are involved. Languages become tougher when teachers start expecting students to infer from their text and delve deeper into topics in their writing. When the curriculum gets harder, your child will need to work harder just to maintain his/her grades. This can be a hard fact to face. The good news is that as some subjects get harder for your child, other subjects may get easier as his/her academic strengths emerge.

It’s also possible that your child has an especially hard teacher. If your child’s teacher is tough but fair, try to see it as a blessing even if it means a lower grade. Kids often learn more from tough teachers and tend to look back on them fondly.

Talk With the Teacher
As a parent, you need to investigate any grade lower than a B. If the report card does not detail the reasons for the lower grade, ask the teacher. Does your child not understand the concepts? Or is s/he not turning in homework? Did s/he barely miss the cut-off for a higher grade? Or does the grade represent a higher mark than what s/he earned? (Some teachers are generous; also some school proprietors in Nigeria make it compulsory for their teachers to increase the grades of some students unnecessarily).

One of the hardest things to hear is that your child seems to be trying his/her best but is still just getting average grades. Parents should keep in mind that a stretch of average academic performance does not mean their child will always perform at that level or that s/he will be limited in life. A good teacher will help parents understand the reasons their child earned certain grades so parents can respond appropriately.

Talk to Yourself
Before stressing out over an inconsistent report card, consider whether the grades reflect your child’s strengths. If your child gets A’s and B’s in most subjects and a C in one subject, it might not be a big deal, as long as your child is making progress.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Robert Downey Jr.'s Son Arrested for Drug Possession. Father Thinks Its Genetic.

Robert Downey Jr.'s son Indio has been arrested. The 20-year-old, who appeared in his father's 2005 film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, was taken into custody Sunday afternoon by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department on felony narcotics possession charges, The Insider With Yahoo confirms. His arrest took place in West Hollywood after the car he was a passenger in was pulled over. According to the Sheriff's Department, the narcotic in question was cocaine.

Indio, who is a guitar player and singer, was released on $10,250 bail at 12:30 a.m. Monday morning.
Robert issued a statement about his son's arrest on Monday, saying, "Unfortunately there's a genetic component to addiction and Indio has likely inherited it. Also, there is a lot of family support and understanding, and we're all determined to rally behind him and help him become the man he's capable of being. We're grateful to the Sheriff's department for their intervention, and believe Indio can be another recovery success story instead of a cautionary tale."

Read more and view a family picture after cut

Sinach Marries Pastor Jo

Gospel singer, Osinachi Kalu popularly known as Sinach today Saturday June 28th exchanged vows with her beau, Pastor Joseph at Christ Embassy Church, Ikeja, Lagos, in the presence of her pastors, family, friends and well wishers. Congrats to them.

See more photos after the cut...

Saturday, 7 June 2014

9 Year Old With Leukemia Becomes Super Hero For A Day.

Hyde woke up on Friday — his 9th birthday — and turned on the TV, his jaw dropped.

A phony breaking news segment — recorded just for him called on Jaylen to become superhero "Striker Boy" and save South Florida from the villain Sneaky Pete. It was all part of a surprise staged event to fulfill a superhero dream for Jalen, who is undergoing chemotherapy to fight leukemia.

"He was very excited. Totally geeked," said his mother, Dalia Rodriguez, who had managed to keep all the preparations secret.
Dressed in a gray costume and blue mask based on a superhero he had created, Jaylen was cheered by dozens of volunteers as he arrived at Nova Southeastern University's soccer practice field in a yellow Ferrari Italia.
He defused a fake bomb, got a helicopter ride, fought a fire, and arrested the green-faced Sneaky Pete for stealing a puppy. Jaylen then took the villain to jail and held a news conference.

The event was similar to one held in San Francisco last year for a 5-year-old cancer patient who wanted to be "Batkid" for the day, drawing worldwide attention.
Jaylen, who was diagnosed in January 2013 and is now in remission, was guided through the scenarios by a professional actress in the role of policewoman "Shadow" and accompanied by his 13-year-old brother, Daishawn, as sidekick "Falcon Boy."
Smiling with tight lips, Jaylen seemed a bit overwhelmed by the news cameras and all the outpouring. "Striker Boy, Striker Boy," volunteers chanted.
When asked by reporters about his day, Striker Boy proved to be the strong and silent type, saying only "I can see through the future and I can fly."

Read more with pictures after the cut

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Nollywood Actor Emeka Ossai's Lovely Twins

In September 2012, veteran actor Emeka Ossai and his wife Jumai welcomed their twin baby boy and girl after a long time of wait.

The multiple-award-winning Actor and CEO of Golden Pyramid Productions Ltd shows off his lovely family recently.

Wow! They kids are so grown and cute. View the family picture after the cut.

Blue Band Margarine Celebrate Children of Africa

Unilever Nigeria Plc., in conjunction with Children of Africa, gave Nigerian Children so much fun and education during the 16th annual Children of Africa Children’s day event with Blue Band margarine. The theme for the fun fair was tagged ‘“Every Child Has Got Potential” and held in four cities, Ibadan, Port-Harcourt, Lagos and Enugu.

At the different locations, which had thousands of school children in attendance, a lot of fun filled activities were done for the children present. Some of these include competitions amongst pupils and schools such as dance/drama choreography, quiz and spelling bees. The winners of the Blue Band essay competition were also announced and rewarded with prizes such as outdoor plastic play slide, mobile air conditioners; 24”flat screen television, water dispenser as well as lots of Blue Band products and branded T-shirts, Bags and Pens. 

Warning Pregnant Mums: Proof That Unborn Babies Feel Mother's Stress With Pictures.

It ought to be the most tranquil of sights – the face of an unborn child in  the womb. But the tiny hand pulled up to the chin reveals that, upsettingly, this baby appears to be under stress. The remarkable image was taken as part of a study showing unborn children touch their faces more often if their mother has been anxious, helpless or under pressure.
Researchers believe they are picking up on her anxieties – and then trying to soothe them away with the power of touch. As adults, we do this by holding our head in our hands. But while we use both hands, babies of stressed-out mothers preferred the touch of just one.

Although previous studies have found babies pick up on stress in the womb, this is believed to be the first to offer  photographic evidence.

Researcher Nadja Reissland from Durham University gave 15 mothers-to-be 4D ultrasound scans four times during their pregnancy.
Rather than the grainy, ‘flat’ images produced by the 2D scanners usually used by the NHS, a 4D machine stitches together pictures taken from a variety of angles to create clear three-dimensional pictures.

These are then recorded on video – the fourth dimension.

The mothers-to-be were quizzed on their  levels of stress in the month leading up to each scan and the videos were analysed to see how often the unborn babies touched their faces. In total, the eight girls and seven boys did so 342 times.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Marriage And Kids Have Not Stopped My Career - Dakore Akande

A few months after giving birth to her second child, actress Dakore Egbuson has returned to acting. She's one of the cast of the play, Hear Word, happening this May. Speaking about how easy it is for her to return to work despite having two young children at home, Dakore said she has a great support system who help her with the kids and that marriage and motherhood hasn't slowed her down

"My mom is with my kids at home. My nanny is also at home. By the Grace of God, I have a great support system. My husband is very understanding. They believe in what I am doing and encourage me to forge ahead, so I can give my all to my job. With balancing marriage, motherhood and work, I prioritize. The home first. And when my husband realizes I am deviating from my duty, I have to push myself back. Family first and once family has been taken care of, I can then fly.
Yes, marriage slows people down if you allow it. I believe a woman can have it all but not at the same time. You have to do things one at a time. Marriage will slow you down but you shouldn't let it stop you".
View another picture of Dakore and more by reading more

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Nollywood Stars Celebrate Children's Day Reading With Rivers State Children.

Star actor and host of popular reality TV show, MTN Project Fame, Joseph Benjamin led other Nollywood stars including OC Ukeje, Mercy Aigbe, Tamara Eteimo, Alex Ekubo and Yomi Fash Lanso to Port Harcourt, Rivers State capital on Tuesday, May 27, being Children’s Day, for a reading and mentoring session as part of activities for the 2014 Best of Nollywood(BON)awards which was hosted by the Rivers State government.

Also, on the train were President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Dayo Amusa, Laitan Ogungbile and Sylva Oluchi. The executive producer, BON awards, Seun Oloketuyi said, “The celebrity reading session with secondary school students is part of activities preceding the BON awards billed to hold in October. The chosen celebrities are past winners and nominees of the BON awards with the exception of Ms Fiberesima who is the President of AGN. 

The actors had an exciting time with the kids in Port Harcourt on Children’s Day. 

According to Joseph Benjamin, “I am a beneficiary of mentorship from people that I admire in the industry and beyond. So, at any point in time that I am called upon to mentor young ones or impart my success nuggets on those who look up to me, I do so. For me, the BON awards’ reading and mentoring session are a veritable platform to continue in my self-appointed mission to be a role model to the young ones.

Read more to view other pictures from the event.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Can You Spot The Difference?

I was at a store recently purchasing a few household items when the generator stopped passing current to the building. The store owner picked up her phone to call a technician who should have a solution to the problem. Her son of about 8 years old probably sensing that the call was of no good to the situation, stood up immediately and began to give possible reasons why the generator went off. He then walked to the generator and noticed sparks of fire. He told his mum that the cable that connects the generator to the building had detached from the generator.  Mum immediately told the technician what her son had sighted and she hung up.

As if sighting the problem wasn’t enough, he switched off the generator, picked a tool, connected the wire back and switched on the generator and voila! everything was as it should be. All the while I was just watching and I was amazed at what an 8 year boy did. A picture played in mind and I saw the boy many years from now become a man of keen observation, a man that takes up challenges, and a man that offers solutions in his sphere of influence. I silently hoped that his mum had ‘spotted the difference’ in her son and will also encourage this difference in him.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mom Bites Off Dog's Ear To Save Daughter During Attack

A dog in Texas was no match for a mom who used her teeth and fists to save her 2-year-old daughter.
Scars on little Mackenzi Plass' face tell the story of a vicious attack. Last month she was with her mom, Chelsi Camp, who was dog sitting a friend's pit bull when the animal snapped after smelling her.

The dog bit the 2-year-old's face and arms. While her little girl was bleeding on the floor, Chelsi's own animal instinct kicked in. She shoved her fists in the dog's mouth and bit off a chunk of its ear.
"You do whatever you can," she said. "I don't have physical strength at my side. How else do you get somebody to stop? I mean, I would do the same thing with a human being."

Monday, 21 April 2014

15 Things Wives Should Stop Doing


What do your words and actions say to your husband about your love for him? 

In the 1960s, The Supremes recorded their hit song “Stop! In the Name of Love!”  I remember singing the words as a teenager:  “Before you break my heart … think it o-o-ver …”
Even though I’ve been married for decades now, it’s still important for me to consider my husband’s needs. I should think about the possible effects of my careless words, attitudes, and actions before I break his heart. Can you identify?

I asked some girlfriends, “What should a wife stop doing if she wants to improve her marriage?” This list is based on their responses.

1. Stop thinking that your way is the “right” way. If he does something differently, it does not mean that it’s wrong. When a wife insists on having her own way, she is in essence saying, “I have to be in control.”

2. Don’t put others before your husband. God designed companionship in marriage so that a husband and wife can meet one another’s need for a close, intimate, human relationship. He even said in Genesis 2:18, “It is not good that the man should be alone.”
So what happens when you put your mother, a friend, or even a child before your spouse? Actually, you take a step (often unintentional) toward isolation in your marriage. If you choose, for example, to spend an afternoon shopping with your mom when your husband asked you to watch a football game with him, you may leave hubby feeling that he has second place in your heart.

3. Don’t expect your husband to be your girlfriend. Most men and women not only look different physically, but also have unique ways of processing life. One example of this is the need for conversation. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m guilty of wearing out my husband with countless conversational details that he doesn’t really care about. Now if he were a girlfriend, all of those details would definitely matter!

4. Don’t dishonor your husband. Suggestions included: Stop all nagging and don’t correct hubby in front of others. If you finish your husband’s sentences, you may be unintentionally communicating, “I don’t really care about what you have to say.”

5. Stop expecting your husband to fail you as your dad failed your mom. “I spent many years waiting for my husband to give up and walk out on me, like my dad had years earlier,” said one friend. Her unfounded fears had robbed her marriage of much joy.

40 Things Husbands Should Stop Doing

Sometimes we need encouragement in our quest to step up and be the men God has called us to be.  Sometimes we need information, and sometimes we need training.  Sometimes we need a mentor—someone who will show us how to be godly men, how to love our wives as Christ loves the church.

And sometimes we need to know what we should stop doing.  Sometimes we may even need someone to say, “Hey, stop acting like a jerk!”
That’s what this list is about.

Here are 40 of the best ideas gathered from suggestions by a number of men.   Of course, not all of these items apply to all men.  But perhaps something here will hit home for you.

1. Stop acting like the battle is won in pursuing and getting to know your wife. Have fun together, just like you used to do before you walked down the aisle.
2. If your wife is a stay-at-home mom, stop treating her like her work during the day is somehow less strenuous or less important than yours.
3. Stop coming home from work and plopping in front of the television for the night, leaving your wife to bear the responsibility for everything else going on in the home.
4. Stop working so much. Find a healthy balance between work and family.  Your wife would rather have you than a big house, nice car, etc.
5. Stop acting like you’re listening when you’re really watching TV.
6. Stop allowing the spiritual leadership of the family to default to your wife.
7. Stop being passive when it comes to disciplining and training your kids.
8. Stop saying you know and understand what your wife is saying or feeling when you haven’t even listened to what she has to say.
9. Stop being a closed book.  Open up to your wife.  Don’t be afraid to show emotion.
10. Stop allowing your role as leader in the home to be an excuse for selfish behavior.  Don’t forget that a true leader also serves.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Want A Baby Girl? Get The App Solution

From artificial insemination to in vitro fertilization, there's no shortage of ways that technology is helping couples who want to have children. But a new iPhone and Android app called Stork Diet/Girl claims that it can help people have a baby girl for a fee of just $9.99. Alain Hanash, who created the app, used data from a study conducted by two British universities that tracked the eating habits of 740 women who were pregnant for the first time. The study found that 56 percent of the women who followed a low-sodium, low-calcium diet had baby girls.

The app, following that approach, tailors a nine-week diet for women who are hoping to get pregnant with a girl.  “It is a natural and scientific based guide that includes a specific maternal diet and conception timing program," according to the app's description. But Dr. Gilbert Webb, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at the Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, is wary of putting too much stock in at-home methods of gender selection.

“It may offer some slight edge but not a whole lot.  He warns prospective parents not to think that this app – or anything else – is 100 percent guaranteed. Although the creators of Stork Diet claim that they have an 81 percent success rate, the evidence is inconclusive, according to some medical experts.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Tragic News: Nigerian medical doctor murdered by husband in Texas America.

Tall,elegant and brilliant Nigerian medical doctor Isioma Ebegbodi was murdered in cold blood by her Nigerian husband in Texas state of America on Saturday March 22, 2014.She attended Queen's College Yaba Lagos and later proceeded to University of Lagos to study Medicine.
She was until her gruesome murder a medical resident physician at Marshfield clinic in Texas.

What really went wrong between a 36 year old wife and her 63 year old husband?Was she suffering in silence until the tragedy happened?So many questions with limited answers.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

From Their Lips: A Birthday Wish To The Most Beautiful Mum.

Okay, Monday was my birthday and i received a card from my 6 year old and he wrote:

Happy Birthday great mummy,
Good mummy, have a nice day,
You shall have so many lives (LOL)
The most beautiful mum.   

My favorite part  is 'You shall have so many lives', i guess he meant that i will live long and have a very good life. So asides cats i also have many lives. Thanks to my son.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

20 Facts About Bishop David And Faith Oyedepo

 1. She met him at a Motor Park

2. She was a university student- GREAT IFE while he was only a Polytechnic student in Kwarapoly
(Remember the discrimination) - she could have Snubbed him-but she responded.

3. His friends complained that he was carrying christianity too zealously as if he was the only christian-she became zealous.

4. He took her to church in 1976 and made her sign an agreement (SAILING UNDER SEALED
ORDERS) to marry and follow him whether he becomes blind, lame or handicapped...she signed.

5. Just before he married her, he told her God had sent him to LIBERATE THE WORLD (while he
was still hopping between jobs) and went on to resign his job; his elder brother lambasted him, she
stuck to him.

6. He told her God had shown him the key to prosperity-she believed.

7. He told her they would build a 50,000 capacity tent and preach the gospel from private jets-she believed her dreamer lover.

8. He was too 'buoyant' to afford a hotel room on his wedding eve, he slept in his rickety volkswagen
beetle-she married him.

9. During a moment of insane faith, he ordered a mad man to be put in his car alone with her while she was pregnant; she remained.

10. She saw she was dripping blood while pregnant and explained to him that she had a miscarriage, he shouted "It CANNOT Happen, Can I have my food please"-she served him food.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Mother Lied To Me About My True Father ––Actor Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is one man who's learned to live a positive life no matter what comes his way and he's succeeding on this path, exceedingly. He almost killed himself while he was growing up due to the way and manner his father used to beat him up like a "slave". But he didn't know that the man was just his mother's husband and not necessarily his real father.

His mother is late now and she never told him the truth before departing the world. But 44years old Tyler took a DNA test with his brother recently and the result shows that they are not brothers and that man who almost killed him with serious beatings is not his true father.

Tyler is heart-broken over the discovery. Below is how he's addressing the issue:

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Veteran Actor Olu Jacobs Clears the Air on Seperation From Wife

Veteran Actor Olu Jacobs, who has turned 71 recently, explained in a recent interview how he and his wife, Joke Silva, were able to maintain their marriage for 27 years and receive the tag of “Nollywood’s most celebrated couple”.

Meeting the Future Wife
I was having a meeting at the National Theatre and the door opened a young lady came in. I looked at her. I have never met her before in my life and I said to the people in the room ‘ladies and gentlemen, this is the lady I am going to marry’. Everybody laughed. She looked at me up and down, hissed and left. Today, she is my wife and that was 27 years ago.

The Secret of Long-Lasting Marriage
It is God. There are other forces outside that you need to take cognizance of but when you do, you have to make sure that they don’t take control over your life. You are now thinking for two. No decision you take should be for yourself alone. It’s for two and it must remain for two. You have to always remember that. If my wife goes out, and she finds out that she would not be able to make it back at the time she initially thought she would, she picks up the phone and calls me to tell me. Fine! You are thinking for two, she knows where I am, I know where she is. We still do this till tomorrow. Communicating like that helps a lot, once we are talking, you have an idea of where I am and I have an idea of where you are. I am not saying that it should be every minute calls. Sometimes just being together in a room not necessarily saying anything is also important.

Irony Of A Banned Nigerian Floating School: Awarded in London

Residents of Makoko-Iwaya Community have appealed to the Lagos state government to revoke its order and allow the Makoko floating school, a three-storey wooden structure commence academic activities.

This came as the floating school received nomination for the Designs of the Year 2014 award, an award which is overseen by London’s Design Museum.

The state government through the Commissioner for Waterfront and Infrastructure Development, Prince Adesegun Oniru had last year said that the structure is an illegal structure, adding “it shouldn’t be there, and we are trying to get rid of structures there.”

The floating school buoyed by 256 recycled plastic barrels, was constructed by Mr. Kunle Adeyemi, the founder of NLE works, a Netherland based architectural company; was yet to be demolished. The construction of the floating school, an initiative supported by the United Nation Development Programme, UNDP, was expected to kick start the regeneration of the community.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

MIT Finds 15-year-Old Scouring Trash Bins For Parts To Build DJ Mixer/Console

When MIT discovered Kelvin, he was living in utter poverty. But that didn't stop this engineering whiz kid from building something amazing.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

So Sad...Man Falls To His Death Attempting To Catch Marriage Proposal Ring.

A man who is about to pop the question to his longtime girlfriend hoists himself up on a ledge—you know where this is going—to get the attention of their guests. As his friend tosses him the ring, the proposer fails to catch it and falls backward off the ledge and down several stories. The slow-motion replay of his girlfriend’s reaction is simple heart wrenching. Promise not to sue me at the end of the video.