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Friday 4 July 2014

Member Of 90s R&B Group Hi Five Stabs Wife To Death

A platinum-selling R&B star calmly walked into a Texas sheriff's office to tell deputies his wife was dead and that he needed a lawyer, it's emerged. Chart-topping '90s boy band member Russell Neal - who scored success with his group "Hi-Five" - reportedly entered a Harris County station at 6:10 p.m. Wednesday. He then informed officers that his wife's lifeless body could be found inside their west Houston apartment.Cops knocked down the door to the couple's home and found Catherine Martinez killed by multiple stab wounds.

The 24-year-old fitness model and aspiring boxer, who worked under the pseudonym Brasilia Martinez, was declared dead at the scene. Neal - whose group had a Number 1 smash hit with "I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)" in 1991 - was formally taken into custody. He told detectives that the pair had gotten into an argument - before refusing to answer any further questions. Neal, who is being held in lieu of a $100,000 bond, now faces a murder charges.

Rusell pictured extreme right in group photo of Hifive

Eye-witnesses to the arrest said that the suspect appeared "docile" during the entire encounter. "He wasn't resisting arrest or fighting with them, or saying anything," said Mary Alice Valencia, who works at a nearby bond office. "When they brought him out in handcuffs, he was just as calm as can be and they just put him in a police car," she added.

Neighbors of the couple, who are believed to have two young sons together, expressed their shock at the news. "The mom, she never said too much, but you can tell she loved her kids. She kept them clean, they looked good, kept nice," said a neighbour.

Facebook user Wayne Head was in the police station when Neal entered and took photos of the former singer.
Head appears to claim in his error-filled post that Neal went so far as to admit he killed Martinez.
'[Neal] walk n an say he just killed his wife she at home deveased,' wrote Head.

Tributes have also been posted online to the aspiring model.
"Still can't believe this but RIP @brasiliamartinez1990 gone way too soon," wrote photographer D. Hinez on Instagram.
"One of the realist people i knew with a strong work ethic and dope personality. Thank you for believing in me," Hinez added.
"I just heard the awful news. Really sad it had to end this way," added one of her YouTube fans on her latest fitness video.

Neighbors described the couple as seemingly happy, but one man speculated there was more than met the eye.
'Apparently a guilty conscience, a guilty conscience, a crime of passion,' neighbor Keenon Shufford told KTRK. 'You just never know, I think he just probably lost it.' Martinez was described by neighbors as very beautiful and in fact she has a substantial internet presence from her work as a fitness model and aspiring boxer under the name Brasilia Martinez.

In a May interview with Mxymag, the up and coming young model admits her 'biggest flaw is being too caring.' She had two sons who would sometimes be seen in the apartment complex, though it was unclear if the boys are Neal's.

In the Mxymag interview, Martinez calls them her 'princes.'

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